End-to-End Renal Vein Anastomosis to Preserve Renal Venous Drainage Following Inferior Vena Cava Radical Resection due to Leiomyosarcoma


When retrohepatic inferior vena cava (IVC) resection is required, for example, for IVC leiomyosarcoma, reconstruction is recommended. This is particularly true when the renal vein confluence is resected to preserve venous outflow, including that of the right kidney.


Two patients with retrohepatic IVC leiomyosarcoma involving renal vein confluences underwent hepatectomy with en bloc IVC resection below the renal vein confluence. IVC reconstruction was not performed, but end-to-end renal vein anastomoses were, including a prosthetic graft in 1 case.


The postoperative course was uneventful with respect to kidney function, anastomosis patency assessed using Doppler ultrasonography and computerized tomography, and transient lower limb edema.


End-to-end renal vein anastomosis after a retrohepatic IVC resection including the renal vein confluence should be considered as an alternative option for preserving right kidney drainage through the left renal vein when IVC reconstruction is not possible or should be avoided.